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Raise awareness about the Biodiversity Research Institute and fundraise to support our projects.

Полное описание

Volunteers can help with raising international awareness about the Institute and developing our communications by: 1) Improving the website - web design, additional content, website translations 2) Social media - targeted messaging, blogs, Facebook posts 3) Creating videos - to recruit volunteers, display our infrastructure and inform people about our work 4) Attempt to attract more volunteers by posting adverts, like this one, on various volunteer websites 5) Contacting universities to organize courses or set up agreements to develop our internship program 6) Promote and market our Ebooks on biodiversity and wildlife 7) Develop and implement strategies to increase funds by partnering with institutions, companies and other NGO´s 8) Help us acquire donated equipment such as audio recording equipment that can help develop our research projects Volunteers can also take part in fundraising efforts for the Institute using our profile on an online fundraising platform called Global Giving. Ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the NGO is critical to the longevity of existing programs and can allow us to develop new projects. Come help us let the world know why we want to preserve our forests!

Кто нужен

18 - 100 лет

Знание языков

Дополнительная информация

I. You must be over 18 years of age II. You must be able to speak either English or Portuguese at a high level III. Your minimum stay must be 2 weeks

Что делать


Количество рабочих часов

35 в месяц

Количество выходных дней в неделю

Дополнительная информация

Volunteers work from 9am to 4pm during week days with an hour lunch break. Our town is called the Cave Capital of Brazil so volunteers often visit our state parks to explore the caves. Hike into the dense forest and visits to waterfalls are also common activities. Bouy cross, big balloons, are used to drift down the rivers, some of the river route are 3 hours long! After work volunteers can swim on the reserve deck, organize dinners, watch movies, read and go wildlife watching. On the weekend we often have a barbeque or organize dinner at a restaurant. Often there are social events or parties in the community that volunteers can go to. For more information, read our volunteer package on: http://ipbio.org.br/wp-content/uploads/Volunteer-Package-IPBio-Celine-FINAL17-final.pdf



Отдельный дом

Взносы волонтера

Вознаграждение труда

Подробнее об условиях

Volunteers at IPBio are required to pay 550 reais per week (Jan 2018 Exchange Rate = 170 US dollars a week). Volunteers are expected to pay in reais and therefore the exchange rate above is only an approximation. This fee covers the volunteer’s accommodation, internet access and project costs.

Дополнительные условия

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