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Voluntario, 22 años

София Расторгуева

Москва, Россия

Sobre mí

Hi! I am looking for volunteering opportunities to contribute to the world and people after my graduation from the Higher School of Economics University. Helping people has always been one of my biggest dreams and I will be incredibly happy to take part in any volunteering program. I have a lot of skills and believe that my work will be helpful. I am passionate about learning from new cultures and countries, as my Bachelor degree is in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication I can teach children English, Spanish and give them lessons on different cultures all over the globe. Furthermore, I have been doing yoga and different types of sport classes for 5 years and it would be pleasure for me to interact this knowledge by playing with children or actually teach yoga. I would also like to contribute to any volunteering program by doing some restoration or archeological work. Feel free to contact me:


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, Tanzania / Charity

SAUTI MOJA PROJECT is a project initiated by New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) with the purpose of helping the most vulnerable children; especially street children and orphans.

volunteer with children at worldmeetskenya

, Kenya / Working with kids

spend most of your time getting to know the children and supporting their main caretakers in their everyday work while also teaching them educational basics.engage with the children in a variety of activities aimed at building self-esteem,


Arusha, Tanzania / Teaching

We need volunteers to help to teach English, Maths, Biology,Chemistry,Geography,Physics, sport and art. They start 8 am to school until 12;30 pm

Volunteer at Mayflower Beacon School Complex

, Ghana / Teaching

We need volunteers to assist in teaching English, Mathematics, Science, Sports, IT, Creative Arts, Music, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Abacus, and any interesting subject/ program.

Преподаватель йоги - волонтер в Ретритный центр Ладожский дом

Владимировка, Россия / Teaching

Мы приглашаем преподавателя йоги (также других телесных практик) на волонтерских условиях для проживания в Ретритном центре и проведения занятий для персонала и волонтеров Ладожского Дома.

Волонтёрство на конно-туристической базе в Северную Осетию!

Даргавс, Россия / Farm jobs

Приглашаем волонтёров в горы! Но как и везде придётся поработать: необходимы и преимущественно, мужские рабочие руки не боящиеся тяжёлой работы, люди, у которых есть опыт работы с лошадьми, ландшафтные дизайнеры, строители и просто хорошие люди!