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December 31, 2023

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IPBio is looking for a web developer to add new content and features to our website, improve the aesthetics and organize the website's structure.

Descripción completa

IPBio is looking for a web developer to add new content and features to our website (blog), improve the aesthetics (photo gallery), and organize the website structure (layout). We are looking for people with education and/or experience with website development. Our website uses Wordpress so experience using this format would be a plus.You can work inside our center or outside on the porch. The internet connection is very good, considering we are in the forest, and you will receive support by our team. We will provide you with an overview of what we were hoping the website will look like, but you can also bring in your own ideas. Yet we may go through a process of drafting and the final decision of what to publish, which is finally IPBio's decision.

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

18 - 100 años

Conocimiento de idiomas

Información adicional

I. You must be over 18 years of age II. You must be able to speak either English or Portuguese at a high level III. Your minimum stay must be 2 weeks

Qué hacer

Website Developing

Horas de trabajo

35 por semana

Días de descanso por semana

Información adicional

Volunteers work from 9am to 4pm during week days with an hour lunch break. Our town is called the Cave Capital of Brazil so volunteers often visit our state parks to explore the caves. Hike into the dense forest and visits to waterfalls are also common activities. Bouy cross, big balloons, are used to drift down the rivers, some of the river route are 3 hours long! After work volunteers can swim on the reserve deck, organize dinners, watch movies, read and go wildlife watching. On the weekend we often have a barbeque or organize dinner at a restaurant. Often there are social events or parties in the community that volunteers can go to. For more information, read our volunteer package on:



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Más información sobre condiciones

Volunteers at IPBio are required to pay 550 reais per week (Jan 2018 Exchange Rate = 170 US dollars a week). Volunteers are expected to pay in reais and therefore the exchange rate above is only an approximation. This fee covers the volunteer’s accommodation, internet access and project costs.

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