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Frankline Ojiambo 84 días en Goodsurfing


De 30 June 2022 Hasta 30 June 2023

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May 30, 2023

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When you volunteer with children Kenya you’ll be adding value to the local community, while also developing personally and professionally through improving access to early childhood education

Descripción completa

As a childcare volunteer, you’ll be assisting local staff at community centers where there are often many children per staff member. Your help will allow children to get more time with adults and lighten the load for local staff. Tasks will vary but are likely to include: Giving children care and affection Setting up and playing educational games Arranging sports and physical activities Helping teachers with lessons Teaching basic English

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

18 - 50 años

Conocimiento de idiomas

English Deutsch Italiano Dansk Español

Información adicional

We are is currently looking for a cross-section of volunteers just like you. Be our inspiration today in action and make real change happen. As a volunteer, you will will work on flexible and part time programs that empower communities. You will perform these tasks either on site or online. Our volunteers come from a variety of professional backgrounds but are all catalysts of positive change.

Qué hacer

Guía turístico
Trabajo Social

Horas de trabajo

35 por semana

Días de descanso por semana


Información adicional

The aim of these projects is to provide operational support to under-resourced childcare centers, while fostering a two-way cultural exchange between international volunteers, children and staff. The project are well-suited to those with a warm, caring nature and a passion for working with children. You’ll play an important role in working alongside local staff to improve children’s educational and emotional needs, so no experience is necessary.






Cuota de inscripción

580.00 €


0.00 €

Más información sobre condiciones

These centers can be overcrowded and underfunded so the extra help volunteers can give is highly valued. Volunteers gain experience teaching and caring for young children and support local staff so they are better able to focus on providing quality care and education. Energetic volunteers who love children and can keep up with them in a lively atmosphere. A background in childcare is not required as you will be working alongside local staff.

Condiciones adicionales

Se permite llevar a niños
Se aceptan parejas
Se aceptan estudiantes
Sólo para 18+

Información adicional

You can also volunteer with disabled children. On our childcare volunteer opportunities, you'll be able to give children the encouragement and educational support they need. You can be assured that you'll have an ethical experience and make a real impact, as our programs are guided by management plans and our childcare policy. On a personal level, volunteers will: Gain volunteer childcare work experience, which will boost your resume Enhance skills like communication and planning Be immersed in the local community


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