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Sonu Kaur 1002 días en Goodsurfing


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December 31, 2025

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- Education for children - Women's empowerment program -Thriveseed Responsible Tourism

Descripción completa

- Four schools for children in slums in New Delhi We have four schools where we offer education to children that would not otherwise get it. These are: Baljeet Nagar School, Nehru Nagar Slum School, Zakheera Slum School and Pandav Nagar Slum School. We teach english, math and hindi. Read more on our home page: -Women's empowerment program Unfortunately, many women in slums in New Delhi finds themself in horrible situations like not being able to care for their children after their husbands death etc. Sonu gives these women opportunities to support themselves and their children through self-sustainable enterprises. Teaching the women different skills such as sewing, candle-making and running their own businesses is just a small step towards giving these women more freedom and confidence. Read more on our home page: -Thriveseed Responsible Tourism This project, launched in 2017, enables former Thriveseed pupils to earn money by working as tour organisers. This not only provides former Thriveseed students with an income that they would not have otherwise had, but it also encourages current Thriveseed students to pursue their education to a high level so that they develop the maths, English and Hindi writing skills necessary to carry out this type of work. Read more on our home page:

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

10 - 100 años

Conocimiento de idiomas


Información adicional

Anyone can volunteer with us! We accept all help and are especially grateful for creative souls that has skills to share with us, either in our school or in our women`s empowerment program. You should speak english or hindi.

Qué hacer

Trabajo Social

Horas de trabajo

20 por semana

Días de descanso por semana


Información adicional

We accept all kind of help and are happy to share any of your gifts with our students. Of course, we do need assistance in our english, math and hindi classes, but you could also help out with teaching the women in the women's empowerment program handcraft that you know, make food in our community kitchen etc. We also love to teach the children new kind of games that you might know from your home country. You could also help with taking pictures and posting about our project on social media -Imagination is the only limit when it comes to helping out with our project.






Cuota de inscripción

15.00 $


0.00 $

Más información sobre condiciones

When volunteering with us, you pay a one time registration fee of 15 USD. This goes directly to keeping our project running. If you are choosing to stay with one of our host families, the price for accommodation and food is 120 USD each week. You are also free to stay other places, and will then not pay any fee other than the one time fee of 15 USD.

Condiciones adicionales

Se permite llevar a niños
Se aceptan parejas
Se aceptan estudiantes

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