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Marko Silas 1012 días en Goodsurfing


Todo el año

Fecha límite para solicitar

February 27, 2025

Días mín


Días máx



We need volunteers to help to teach English, Maths, Biology,Chemistry,Geography,Physics, sport and art. They start 8 am to school until 12;30 pm

Descripción completa

We believe that a child’s future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience as those who have go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participated in early learning education – learning how to get along in groups, work under teacher supervision, etc. They also receive encouragement to express their feelings and ideas through building, dancing, and drawing, playing, singing and speaking. And thus, at the end of their pre-school years, they have become more competent pupils and will be more advanced in some of their abilities and be ready to master their new environment in primary and secondary education.We are located at Sanawari village -Arusha.

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

17 - 77 años

Conocimiento de idiomas


Información adicional

I would like to inviting all volunteer who have professional and Non Professional by offer their knowledge and skills to teach our children's at our village in school and at library community.

Qué hacer

Trabajo Social
Edición de video

Horas de trabajo

5 por semana

Días de descanso por semana


Información adicional

All volunteer work 5 days per week and 2 days for week end. And during the week end they can go to visit variety attractions such as water fall, Safari, Mountain trek,Hot water spring,Lake, Coffee plantation, Masai culture, And Zanzibar.



Casa separada



Cuota de inscripción

10.00 $


0.00 $

Más información sobre condiciones

Once a volunteer arrive at our office he/she will fill the form and host family after that they will pay to host family amount for the all duration they stay at our project.

Condiciones adicionales

Se aceptan parejas
Sólo para vegetarianos
Se aceptan estudiantes
Sólo para 18+

Información adicional

Visa and Passport only

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Opiniones (2)

Spent 3 weeks here until the end of the school year and it was amazing experience for me. Even during covid situation it is easy to live and help kids here. I met such fantastic people here among Tanzanian people and volunteers and i found real friends thats why i want to say thanks to Marco for this opportunity. Our typical day was like we wake up at 7 and at 8 we should be in private school till 12. Then from 12-16 we have free time and after that we have class with gaverment kids from 16-18 and 18-21 we have a discussion club. As you can see you are always busy and do good staff. And at weekends you are free and can do what you want. You pay 10$ for accommodation and food thats more then enough. The food is PERFECT for me. So just try this volunteer programm it is really perfect. My phone number +79169235840 if you have any questions. Thanks You Marco and Sam!

Peter Bakaev

Recently I went to teach at this organization for a month. Impressions will last a lifetime, this will not be forgotten! Tanzania is a magnificent country with a unique culture. On the one hand, they have a stunning nature, many minerals, developed tourism, and on the other, obvious problems associated with the economy and education. Participation in programs such like this can a little bit help children get more chances to a decent education. I taught in primary school not far from home. The teachers are friendly, and the children! You cannot help falling in love with them! I am extremely grateful to my host family, they are all very generous and hospitable. The food is simple but tasty, the conditions are good. Special thanks to them!+ you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the local population, visit national parks, Masaylands, waterfalls and lakes. Overall, this is an unforgettable experience that will change you from the inside.