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Sambhali Trust 1025 días en Goodsurfing


Todo el año

Fecha límite para solicitar

December 31, 2025

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We have more than 20 projects in Jodhpur and the rural village of Setrawa. Volunteers have the opportunity to teach English and Math at Women and Children centers, help with Admin work or support young girls with studying in our two Girls Homes.

Descripción completa

Women Empowerment Centers (pre- and post-lunch): There are about 30 women and teenage girls in each of our Empowerment centers in Jodhpur, who have little or no education. The teenage girls may have dropped out of school to look after their siblings, or may not have attended at all. These centers help to provide a good general education, (in addition to basic English, Hindi and Math) by providing workshops in a variety of topics, from Women’s Health and Nutrition to Politics and Geography. All these workshops (and more!) are on a Google Drive, accessible on arrival to Sambhali. Usually, volunteers stay at one of our centers the whole day. They will get a lunch box from Durag Niwas Guesthouse and eat together with the local teachers and some students at their projects.

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

18 - 70 años

Conocimiento de idiomas


Información adicional

When you are interested in coming to volunteer at Sambhali Trust, come with an open mind and no expectations before experiencing the daily Indian life. You need to have patience, understanding and compassion for women and children of different learning levels and abilities. You should be flexible; Sambhali's flexible approach means that the roles are varied and you can take on as many opportunities as you like. Although no previous experience is required, it would be an advantage to have experience in any of the areas listed in the position description above.

Qué hacer

Trabajo Social
Edición de video

Horas de trabajo

30 por semana

Días de descanso por semana


Información adicional

You will need to work around 6 hours per day in a flexible way. Volunteers visit their projects from Monday to Friday so you are free on the weekends. Additionally, you need to attend a weekly volunteer meeting and sign up for volunteer shifts at the Sambhali Boutique in Jodhpur's Old Town on Sundays.





Norma de alimentación completa

Asignación para transporte

Compensación de costos

Cuota de inscripción

0.00 €


0.00 €

Más información sobre condiciones

There is no fee for volunteers at Sambhali Trust. The NGO will assist volunteers with finding accommodation. Please discuss details when applying to volunteer. Usually, volunteers stay at the Durag Niwas Guesthouse which is right next to our Sambhali House. The volunteer coordinator will advise volunteers on where to stay but expected costs at Durag Niwas are: non air-con room single 32,000 rps, shared 22,000 rps, and four shared 15,000 rps including three meals a day, drinking water, wifi, rooftop, picking up and dropping from Jodhpur airport, shared refrigerator and washing machine.

Condiciones adicionales

Se aceptan parejas
Se aceptan estudiantes
Sólo para 18+

Información adicional

If possible, please bring your own laptop with you when you come to work with us. You would need it for weekly workshops, preparing lessons and writing the monthly reports with other volunteers and the local staff. Don’t worry about buying ‘Indian’ clothes before your stay - there will be someone who can help you look for things here in Jodhpur at very low prices. As a general note, girls are required to dress more conservatively, and therefore packing clothes that cover shoulders, legs and torso would help.


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