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MICKY MILLIAN 990 días en Goodsurfing


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June 6, 2021

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SAUTI MOJA PROJECT is a project initiated by New Chapter Development for Youth (NCDY) with the purpose of helping the most vulnerable children; especially street children and orphans.

Descripción completa

As a volunteer for SAUTI MOJA PROJECT, you will spend most of your time getting to know the children and giving them lots of love and attention while teaching them some educational basics. Volunteers will engage with the children in a variety of activities aimed at building self-esteem, learning, and just having fun. As a SAUTI MOJA PROJECT volunteer your main aims will be the following: •Reintegration of Street Children • provide essential support to marginalized young children • Teach impoverished children important skills such as hygiene practices • Improve the future prospects of children and aid them to break the poverty cycle by supplying quality early childhood teaching • Expose volunteers, children and their families to different people and cultures. •English Club •Computer Class •Sports

¿Quiénes se necesitan?

18 - 90 años

Conocimiento de idiomas


Información adicional

Whether you want to volunteer to empower vulnerable children, women, youth and people with disabilities, provide education and medical care to communities or teach children to play your favourite instrument, you’ll definitely find your place in one of our programs. In order to join the program, you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if you are accompanied by your parents. English is the main language in all programs so it’s important that volunteers have a good understanding of the English language. This is important to communicate with the staff at the project center and other volunteers. Other Skills -A social mindset -Good communication skills -The ability to be a part of a team -Knowledge -Dedication -Good communication -Flexibility -Passion -Professionalism

Qué hacer

Limpieza interna
Trabajo Social
Edición de video

Horas de trabajo

20 por semana

Días de descanso por semana


Información adicional

If you have an idea of which area you would like to volunteer in, even if it was not mentioned above, let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available. All we need and care about is to serve and help the community.



Casa separada


Norma de alimentación completa

Cuota de inscripción

5.00 $



Más información sobre condiciones

NOTE:Our projects are run in a very low budget,We ask volunteer(s) to donate $ 5 per day for food

Condiciones adicionales

Se permite llevar a niños
Se aceptan parejas
Se aceptan estudiantes
Sólo para 18+

Información adicional

This lakeside town must be one of East Africa’s best-kept secrets. Mwanza, apparently, has been quietly plotting to become the “Great Lakes hub”, a commercial clearinghouse for mid-level traders from Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. What do You need to know about currency? The Tanzanian shilling is only available in Tanzania. You cannot change any currency for shillings outside the country. You can change money on arrival at Dar es Salaam or Mwanza Airport and ATM’s are widely available throughout the country. There is an Exim bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Equity Bank and other local banks all with ATMs. Please be aware that Traveller’s Cheques are not accepted in any shops or exchanged in any of the banks in town. US Dollars or Pounds Sterling can easily be exchanged in Tanzania for local currency- The Tanzanian Shilling.