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GoodSurfing –
meaningful journeys

How it all started

Our team of enthusiasts gathered in expeditions. Our eyes were glowing with enthusiasm, every year we traveled, looked for opportunities and more information about new projects. As a result, realizing that the whole life is not enough to make all dreams come true, we decided to share information with everyone, whom it can serve well. That’s how a name for our activity came to our minds - GoodSurfing, which means "journey with meaning". It all began with communities in social networks. At first we were not expecting that it would be possible to gather a large number of subscribers, we gradually shared information with friends. But the community very quickly started to attract audience - it turned out that many people are eager to travel with meaning and look forward to such proposals. Step by step our idea of traveling began to form - it is not as interesting to look at this great amazing world through the eyes of a tourist as feeling like a volunteer: helping people and at the same time enjoying a lot of incredible and delightful things around, hidden from the majority of travelers behind the familiar well-managed tourist routes.

Once came the understanding that the pages in social networks are already completely unavailable to hold all the accumulated information on interesting projects, volunteering and expeditions from around the world. We wanted to provide people with a convenient service with the ability to easily search for projects with instant application and confirmation, because it would be much more convenient to plan your trip with meaning. The organizers could use the site for their own purposes, finding participants among the volunteer community. And moreover, it would be possible to communicate and make new friends, share invaluable experience and the whole palette of emotions with like-minded people, who are always ready to support by word or deed. Do not get it wrong, we knew about the existence of global travel services, but none of them was completely fine for us: there are only projects for some activities, no information about the expeditions, they usually have paid registration or propose paid participation in the trips. "Why can’t we do it better!" - we thought and decided to create our own service. This is exactly how our website was created. Welcome! GoodSurfing is a free platform for traveling with meaning. Every day it gets better. And this development happens thanks to you, our users! If you have any ideas or suggestions that can make GoodSurfing better, just write us. Let's create a comfortable environment for volunteering together!

GoodSurfing principles

Meaningful journeys

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Free information

Participants should not pay for information


Everybody should have an opportunity to leave feedback and share opinion

Strive for more

Get better comparing yourself with others – unified rating

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Попов Илья

Co-founder, manager

Айтуганова Наргиз

Co-founder, manager, life of the party