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Гудсёрфинг . 687 days on Goodsurfing


From 1 September to 13 September 2019

Applications deadline

July 1, 2019

Minimum days


Maximum days



The volunteers will participate in the excavation of fountains of the 18th century.

Full description

El Poador del Pontet in Altea is a monumental fountain complex dating back to the 18th century which was serving as water supply for the inhabitants of the town. El Poador del Pontet has a semicircular shape, where twelve jets of water sprang up on a ninemeters long rectangular raft. The fountain had been used for nearly two hundred years – in 1782 El Poador del Pontet was mentioned for the first time in a document; and in 1963 the ditch was coated. When El Poador del Pontet was re-discovered in the end of 2014 it was covered by one meter thick layer of soil. In 2015, excavations started, which showed that the circular structure of the fountain had been gradually filled due to the contribution of mud from Barranquet ravine. This process started in the middle of the 19 century. Among the older people in the neighbourhood, historians pointed out, no one remembers seeing or hearing their parents or grandparents talking about this structure, but they did use the same section of the ditch as a scrubber until the 50ies of the 20th century The project will be very intensive and consist of two parts – a practical working part and a study part. The practical working part, which will be at different parts of the site, will last six hours per day. In the evenings and during the weekend, educational and cultural activities will take place. Within the framework of the project the excavations will be continued. The volunteers will work together with local archaeologists who will explain them the work and the background of the site. The tasks will content physically demanding digging works as well as the documentation of the excavations, the cleaning and the catalogisation of the findings.

Who do you need?

18 - 30 years

Language skills


Additional information

Participants have to take part for the whole time of the project. Be informed, that during all projects the work will take place also on rainy and cold days and be prepared for that. The working language of the project is English.

What to do

Working hours

30 per week

Days off per week


Additional information

The working part is 6 hours per day.






Participation/Registration fee

80.00 €


More information about conditions

The accommodation in one shared room with beds and toilets next to the sea is provided. The meals will be prepared together as they are part of the community life, what means that every participant will be responsible for the meal at least once during its stay. So it would be very nice if the participants could bring typical recipes from home in order to introduce each other to the preparation of food from all over the world. All costs linked to the project are covered, including food, accommodation, insurance and transportation during the stay at the project. Nevertheless individual travel insurance is also recommended to be bought by a participant. Travel costs to and from the camp place, visa costs are not covered. Participants should organize their journey to and from the project place by themselves and on their own expenses. Furthermore participants should bring their own pocket money.

Additional conditions

Accepting students
For 18+ only

Additional information

This is a European Heritage Volunteers Partner Project organized by the Association De Amicitia. The project combines practical work for the preservation or restoration of a cultural heritage site with an extensive educational part that gives the theoretical background for the hands-on works and provides deeper heritage linked knowledge. The camp place is situated in a small village in rural area, so the participants should not expect busy places and normal city activities for the leisure time during the working days. Small trips in walking distance are possible in the afternoon. On the weekends it is possible to organize an excursion to nearby cities or to have other leisure activities.


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