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December 31, 2023

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IML is a therapeutic institution for rehab for children at high risk. In ML you will have the opportunity to work in various areas: Workshops, Social Work, with Educators, in the area of psychology, street work or coordination of the volunteers.

Full description

You can work directly with the children or in the area of organization. General Dates: The NGO Mundo Libre is a non-profit organization dealing with problems of drug abuse and children at high riskin Peru since the year 1984. Mundo Libre was founded by Mrs. Marilú de Cossio de Gonzales Posada, as a response to the alarming increse in drug consuption in this country, especially among children. Mundo Libres Mission: Promote the integral and healthy development during childhood and adolescence, through the application of prevention and rehabilitation programs. Mundo Libres Vision: Maintain, with the participation of partner institutions, a program of intervention permitting the children and teenagers to reach equal opportunities in a life of dignity, among their family in a safe and violence-free environment. Beneficiary population: - Girls, boys and teenagers living on the street - Girls, boys and teenagers at high risk - Consumers of psychoactive substances - Children coming from dysfunctional substances - with physical, psychological and emotional abuse - Gender: masculine or feminine - age range: 9 to 17 years Living in the streets endangers the childrens development by causing emotional instability, social isolation in a situation of neglect and abandonment, violating their human rights and rights as children.

Who do you need?

18 - 100 years

Language skills

English Español

Additional information

The volunteer can be of any gender, maritial status, social or economic situation, etc. As a role model, Volunteers cannot consume Drugs, marihuana or tobacco or have another form of addiction (videogames). Volunteers can not have criminal records or be in criminal proceedings. Foreign volunteers have to have a basic to intermediate level of spanish. Volunteers are expected to have a high spirit of solidarity and dedication and posses maturity and emotional control. They should be able to cohabitate, adapt to teamwork, have strong ethics, an open mind, be friendly and use discretion with confidential information. Specific Characteristics: A calling to service, High ethical standards, Patience, Responsibility, Commited, Sociable, Good listener, Take initiative, Team work, Self critical, Assertive communication, tolerant to frustration, emotional stability, cultural adaptability, be proactive

What to do

Social work

Working hours

32 per week

Days off per week


Additional information

The volunteer will be working for our objectives as an organization, in their assigned area of the therapeutic program: Educators, Workshops, Social work, Area of Psychology, Street work or Coordination of the volunteers. Supporting the community, directly with the residents: - Internal activities (academic leveling, teaching reading and writing, celebrating birthdays, games, etc) and external activities (field and camping trips) In the volunteer department in the following 4 areas: - Human resources: maintaining a continuous team of volunteers supporting the organization - Production and sales - Marketing: Web Page, social media accounts - Projects: educational, recreational and/or environmental - Organization of Volunteers: Inform about the volunteer program, reunions etc. as well as in the area of coordination (databases, organizing a variety of activities and project proposals) The working hours vary and are to be discussed with the coordinator Lucy Maldonado






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More information about conditions

In Mundo Libre you have the possibility to share a room with the other volunteers during your work days. On your free days you will have to find another place to sleep, but there are a lot of options in Lima. You will not be paid and won´t have to pay anything, for you will be a volunteer. In return for your work you will receive three meals per day. You will have days off, wyhen and how many is to be communicated with the coordinator Lucy Maldonado. You won´t have to pay for your accomodation or the food you receive during work days. But at the end of your stay you are expected to donate/gather donations or realize a project in favour of the children.

Additional conditions

Accepting students

Additional information

If you want to apply and contact us, please write to


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