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December 31, 2019

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Centro Infantil de los Angeles is a free daycare and preschool for children from 3 months to 6 years old. Our children come from low-income families who would otherwise not be able to afford care for their babies and young children while they work.

Full description

Volunteers at Centro Infantil de Los Angeles generally work the same jobs. We understand you have skills to offer, and are so grateful of your desire to share your talents and abilities, but if everyone did whatever they wanted, we would not have much structure. The Daycare program is designed specifically to reach important goals at critical ages, and with the limited time we have with our kids every day it´s important that we build in a sense of accountability and hit the benchmarks we think are necessary in preparing for early childhood education. The tasks of volunteers in the daycare fall into two categories: a) childcare tasks, and b) entertainment. The childcare can include everything from changing diapers, wiping faces, cleaning up after meals, brushing teeth, taking children to the bathroom, and serving food. Volunteers are responsible for delivering food trays to the classrooms twice per day. This will all be explained during orientation. The entertainment part is a bit more fun, and this may be where you get to use your own specific talents. The entertainment or enrichment activities are meant to stimulate and challenge young minds, and provide the foundations necessary for preschool. These activities include engineering projects (building blocks), athletic conditioning (playtime), art appreciation (coloring), geometry (shapes), and music theory (you can play them songs on the guitar). If you have any ideas, talk to the coordinator or your teacher about fun activities you want to try! For your donation of both money and time, Volunteers at Centro Infantil de Los Ángeles are provided room and board at our volunteer house. Depending on when you come, and how many people are here, you may get your own room. We can’t guarantee that, though. Rooms are fully equipped with private bathrooms. There is Wi-Fi throughout the house, in bedrooms and in common spaces, and as long as it’s working it is usually very fast. Volunteers are not required to stay at the Volunteer House, and we will not expect the same level of donation for volunteers who live off-campus. However, we still ask for a donation from all volunteers even if they’re staying off-site. Please consider the costs of lodging in San Miguel de Allende, as they can be very high, and the Volunteer House is a great value. Plus, the money goes directly to the children.

Who do you need?

18 - 65 years

Language skills

English Español

Additional information

No Spanish Required! Since it is sometimes challenging to work with young children, it is very important for volunteers who are considering this experience to have the love, creativity, energy, and willingness to work with infants, pre-school, and kindergarten children. Volunteers are also encouraged to learn basic Spanish prior-to or during their time, however this is not a requirement for volunteering.

What to do

Working hours

20 per week

Days off per week


Additional information

During a volunteer's stay with us, they are assigned to help at the daycare or kindergarten, usually in a particular classroom. Volunteer work includes: playing with children, arts/crafts, helping feed and changing babies' clothes, assisting with field trips, leading story-time, or etc. Long-term volunteers with more specific skills can engage in other projects if they wish.





Bed and Board

Participation/Registration fee

180.00 $



More information about conditions

There is no fee associated with our volunteer program, however we ask for a donation of $180 per week or $600 per month for housing and meals. This includes staying in our fully-equipped volunteer house, which has laundry, WI-FI and Cable, a full kitchen, private bathrooms in each room, an amazing terrace that overlooks the city, and a housekeeper every day. Your donation includes two meals per day included in the daycare center made by our talented culinary team. It is very rich traditional Mexican food that is as good as anything in a restaurant!

Additional conditions

Accepting couples
Accepting students
For 18+ only

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