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September 20, 2020

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Help a local fishing organization get its feet off the ground.

Full description

The Northeast Ohio Angler's Association welcomes all anglers - regardless of age, race, creed, sex, experience, or ability - to become better fisherman, conservationists, outdoorsman, and over-all people by keeping the community up to date on the latest information and news that effects our waters. By providing an open channel of dialog and information it is our vision to help grow the fishing community as a whole. Feel free to ask questions, share catches and knowledge, and be involved without fear. NEOAA does not and will not tolerate the belittling of any kind towards any community member. Outdoorsman, anglers in particular, are generally a friendly bunch. Willing to share knowledge, learn, and teach others who are genuinely interested (just not honey holes). Racism, sexism, or any type of bullying will be met swiftly and accordingly. If you run into a problem please contact an administrator immediately and we will handle the situation as soon as possible. To enhance your experience through NEOAA as much as possible you may consider becoming an official member. Members get the benefit of being invited to exclusive tournaments, outings, activities, and much more throughout the year. Contact an administrator for full/more details. Every year, in December, NEOAA recognizes anglers on a number of accomplishments including Largest Fish (of multiple species), Most Species Caught, Specialist of the Year, Contributer of the Year, Mentor of the Year, Conservationist of the Year, Youth Angler of the Year, Angler of the Year and more. As this is our first year in operation please bare with us as we continue to build in preparation for next season. We are granting early access to "get our feet wet" and get to know the community. We hope to to become a premier force in the Ohio fishing world and we can do that with help from all of you! Thank you, NEOAA

Who do you need?

18 - 65 years

Language skills


Additional information

We are currently looking for people to step into a few roles until we can find passionate individuals locally. These positions are completely volunteer and we'd prefer individuals who are interested in or know a decent amount about fishing (North American fresh water) but is not required. The duties can be performed remotely as well because of Covid-19. The roles we are looking to fill are listed below: Secretary of the Board Treasurer of the Association Tourament Director Outreach and Social Media Director Conservation Director Education and Youth Director Activity and Fundraising Director

What to do


Working hours

10 per week

Days off per week


Additional information

There may be times when you will not work a single hour and some roles may need to put in more but we understand this is voluntary and we will pick up any slack needed. Are most needed position is Outreach and Social Media Director.


Participation/Registration fee

0.00 $


0.00 $

More information about conditions

Additional conditions

For 18+ only

Additional information

Please do not travel for this! There are no accommodations and no pay. This can all be done remotely. Thank you.


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