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From 1 June to 14 June 2020

Applications deadline

May 25, 2020

Minimum days


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we conduct social experiment which purpose identify most effective system of freedom and restrictions for small community such as tribe or commune experiment dates may delayed if quarantine will extended

Full description

this first of series experiments in which we test renouncement system to verify appropriateness of using some taboos in global culture: — refuse use animal products — refuse of gender division of activities — refuse of traditional time system: awake and sleep, eating, general meetings etc will not regulate by time but occur spontaneously at will and need — refuse of force work: participation in life support of community be voluntary. everyone can do only what consider necessary and what want — refuse use alcohol cigarettes and other drugs. in this experiment we analyze behavior sober people you will see full list refusals at interview experiment include open university in which everyone can share knowledge with others

Who do you need?

18 - 100 years

Language skills

Additional information

potential participants must match two criteria: 18+ and veganism if you doubt what veganism read about it here: or

What to do

Working hours

0 per week

Days off per week


Additional information

participation in life support of community be voluntary. everyone can do only what consider necessary and what want


Participation/Registration fee


More information about conditions

meals and accommodation provid by joint efforts participants. everyone depending on their desires and opportunities can contribute: products, equipment, transportation, camp arrangement etc if you not have opportunity acquire equipment for life in forest we can provide you with it (but not more for 2 participants) as reward participants will receive article with results description + interviews with participants (with those who will agree with publication)

Additional conditions

For vegetarians only
Accepting students
For 18+ only

Additional information


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