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Nanda Wanninayaka 398 days on Goodsurfing


All year round

Applications deadline

December 31, 2020

Minimum days


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The volunteers can teach languages, ICT, fine arts, sports to the children, teenagers and the youth in Horizon Academies we have in Sri Lanka

Full description

Horizon Lanka Foundation is a non-profit organization (registered as a Guarantee Limited Company) located in Mahawilachchiya, the rural outskirts of Anuradhapura, the most ancient city of Sri Lanka. It runs academic programs for students in rural villages in Sri Lanka. The student body is made up primarily of local children who come to Horizon Academies after public school, during weekends and public school vacations. The Academies teach English, Information and Communication Technology, science, mathematics, fine arts, and sports to the children. We also train the children in skills such as presentation, public speaking and personal development. In addition to these subjects, students learn much more. Thanks to our dedicated staff and the hard work of local and foreign volunteers, the students also learn important life skills such as interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, tolerance, leadership, caring for others and the environment, sustainable development and teamwork. The Horizon Lanka Foundation is a pillar in the local communities and works with them to improve the lives of all involved. We do this by assigning our local and foreign volunteers to assist the local public schools during morning sessions as Horizon Academies do not open during mornings except for school holidays and long public school vacations. Our ultimate goal is to empower rural youth so that they may work towards improving the conditions of their community as well as the surrounding communities.

Who do you need?

15 - 70 years

Language skills

Русский English Deutsch Français العربية 中文 Español

Additional information

We prefer volunteers who are good at, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Language education, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, and Media education ICT, Robotics, IoT Fine Arts (Dancing, Singing, Music, Painting, Theater and Sculpture) Sports [Soccer (football,) Cricket, Volleyball, Rugby, American Football, Australian Football, Baseball, Basketball, Handball, and Martial Arts] Marketing, Digital Marketing Fundraising Graphic Designing Web Designing Animation Audio Editing Video Editing Photography Videography Moviemaking

What to do

Tour guide
Social work
Video editing

Working hours

30 per week

Days off per week


Additional information





Bed and Board

Participation/Registration fee

150.00 $



More information about conditions

150 USD per month from the volunteer is expected from the volunteer by our oranization.

Additional conditions

Accepting couples
Allowed to bring pets
Accepting students

Additional information

The volunteers have to abide by our Code of Ethics for Volunteers which will be emailed when a volunteer makes an inqury to volunteer with us.