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Goodsurfer. Issue #1. Kamchatka.

December 12, 2018 / Volunteering

Friends, as you all know, recently the first issue of our magazine came out. It dedicated to traveling with meaning. And this is also the first magazine in our country about volunteering.

We decided to dedicate our first issue to Kamchatka. The distant and mysterious land of geysers, volcanoes, protected areas and, of course, bears. What is the real Kamchatka, is it really as impregnable as they say, or maybe there is an affordable way to see the beauty of the peninsula with your own eyes?

And now you have the opportunity literally to turn pages of our magazine!

In this issue read:

UNESCO World Heritage in Kamchatka.

Catch the wave.

The peninsula by the eyes of Igor Shpilenok.

With you even to Kamchatka. How to choose a backpack?

Kronotsky nature reserve.

Kamchatka: recommended by volunteers.

Search for cheap flights to Kamchatka.

People participated in the work on the magazine:

Nargiz Aytuganova

Nastya Kopylova

Christina Yakovleva

Yaroslava Goryunova

Marina Larina

Evgeny Ionis

Ilya Popov

Ksenia Guschina

The team warmly thanks nature photographer Igor Shpilenok for the cover photo and page spread.

Design by: Marina Ilyasova

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