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Since my last volunteering trip in remote reserved territories of our vast Russia, the whole year has passed. This was the year without enjoying the beauty of high hills, purity of lakes and pleasant herbal forest fragrance. It is rather tedious, don’t you think? But exactly this year I occasionally found very curious place. I appeared to be just 2 hours away from my city, Perm. And you wouldn’t believe, now it’s in my top list of great places.  

If you are volunteer of nature reserves and used to breathtaking landscapes, so you may feel lack of emotions at the beginning. The typical countryside forest will surround you, and that is all. However there you’ll get something different – being with Horses, dwellers of these places.

Yeap, they are big and strong… At first day I was afraid even to get closer to them. I that would be the end of my communication with horses, but optimism and correct orders of Michael (the owner of the farm) helped to work it out. That time he needed volunteers to assist him with tourists, so we had a course of basic skills. It was quite effective, because on the third day we were able to clean, harness, control, ride and accompany tourist in route.

It seems to be a poor experience. And where are these overwhelming emotions? So, they came gradually, step by step. Every day you feel the heat and energy of horse by brushing her fur, when you harness and control her, knowing her character better. Moreover when you are on horseback – you feel awesome! And that is fair enough, because you manage to bridle this capricious and noble beast.

Beside horses, there are many various animals. You’ll see goats and sheep, Yashka with curly horns, cat Slesar (eng. metalworker) head of mouse catchers and the sole of the house, several friendly greyhounds, super-dog laika Norka, domestic birds… So the number of domestic animals on one square meter is rather unusual for urban person. It is for the best. Because all this hairy-taily show-booth cheers you up!

About conditions provided for volunteers:

- accommodation in tents in summer and in room with stove in winter

- spring water, food cooked on camp fire (provision is provided)

- mobile connection is good

- electricity due to generator

There will be a sauna soon. It resembles hiking trip, but with better facilities.

If you want to know more about horses, learn riding, do something good – go there. Volunteers are always welcomed. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to write me.

South-Kama Horse Sport Club

Author of the text – Akilova Anna

Translated by – Nazarova Inga

Date of event - June and August, 2017

Date of publication - 13.03.2018

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